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Robert Curby - Profile:
* Born: Norwich, Norfolk, England Grew up in British Colonial Africa (more than one place) My father worked for the British Government on 'secondment' to The Federal Government of Rhodesia & Nyasaland.
*Educated at British Services Family schools, and Zambia University. I worked as a helicopter pilot within Zambia, in the private sector, and my experiences are in 'WILD GRASS'.
When Dad was 'recalled', I returned to England in 1968 and until 1973 was single and working at various nuclear and scientific establishments. In 1973 was recruited as a Scientific Officer, (Executive Officer grade), to a British Government Department situated on the Thames North Bank in the Charing Cross region. I worked for more than one divison including MSC, and left when the USSR disbanded (over the Xmas break in 1991) As filename 'Zarkov' I was trained to fly the Westland Lynx helicopter. I gained expertise in forensic and investigative sciences, electronics and radio telephony. When I left I had received awards for work done within those specialisations.During the years that followed I worked in surveillance, security and insurance fraud investigation arenas.Now I write books for fun and for other peoples' enjoyment.I write story lines for TV dramas based on near/modern history, Africa and also Sci-Fi. I am a contemporary of Wilbur Smith.
NOTE: I am still governed by the Official Secrets Act and the amendment on disclosure, so don't ask too much - I don't like saying NO.
*There's more............................>>>>Why not click over to 'Contact Me' and tell me a little about YOU. I view all my readers as special friends, even though there are thousands of you. However, only when I know your name and what part of the world you live in (not your address) can you become really special to me.LoveBob

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